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There are many ways to reach the summit of the mountain but the man with the fewest losses is judged to be a more efficient climber simply because he used fewer resources to achieve the ultimate aim of the summit. A fulfilling career is one that achieves ones personal aspirations and contributes meaningfully to the realisation of corporate goals.

In a previous article, I shared 21 Perspectives to Understanding Your Career. This helped to enlighten those who do not know how to classify their work and engagements. In this article, I will seek to expatiate on how to choose a career in 5 pathways.

Where do you find yourself making your utmost contribution in life? This question sets the tone for the kind of life one will choose to live. The question unearths personal aspirations and guides in determining the most suitable route to follow based on ones personal make up and uniqueness.

Where do you find yourself making your utmost contribution in life?

PATHWAY 1: SELF-DISCOVERY. Your career is chiefly about what you are capable of doing for the benefit of others. It becomes very important therefore to have a deep understanding of who you are. The first step to choosing a career is to become aware of your personality. It is a journey to discover your strengths and capabilities. It is a process of forming your values. It is a process of assessing your skills and temperament. Self-Discovery enables you to unearth what you can contribute because you cannot give what you don’t have. It culminates in determining your desires and interests such that you can discern the appropriate opportunities to take advantage of.

PATHWAY 2: IDENTIFY MATCHING OCCUPATIONS. You must begin the process of searching for career opportunities that align with your person. You must be careful to watch out for professions that are compatible with your strengths and personality. It becomes important to prioritise your findings and thereafter create a master list of relevant roles found in your search. Be keen to watch out for functional positions that appeal to you.

PATHWAY 3: TAKE A DECISION. Following your creation of a master-list of relevant and related career options, take time to focus on opportunities that have a promise of job satisfaction. Take your decision for professional crafts that complement your personality. Make your choice based on jobs that have prospect for development and enlargement. In making a career decision, promptness is of essence. Do not delay in making decisions that impact on your life. This is the point of determining which course of life to follow.

PATHWAY 4: CONTACT RELEVANT EMPLOYERS. Having taken a decision for which career path to tread, you must now begin to link up with organizations and corporate institutions that are related to your choice. This is the point where you craft your cover letters and specific applications. You must then begin to prepare for chats and interviews as the case may be.

PATHWAY 5: CREATE A CAREER ACTION PLAN. Now that you have landed your dream job, you enter into the phase of significance. You must be deliberate to excel in your chosen field of endeavour. You must be intentional about the mark you desire to make in this area of service. A possible approach to planning your way to career success will demand that you be specific by listing what you desire to accomplish in your career. Have a roadmap towards career excellence. Set short, medium and long term goals for yourself as you begin a journey into meaningfulness and impact. You must have a growth and development plan, one that speaks to your personal commitment to embrace lifelong learning as a platform for improvement of your competence on the career you have chosen.


These steps are a sure guide to supporting your aspirations for a meaningful and impactful life.




Olumuyiwa A. Oludayo

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